Kemet /Nubia Kache(Founding Council Members of the Trionous Galaxy) Roughens alien bio

Kemet /Nubia Kache(Founding Council Members of the Trionous Galaxy) Roughens alien bio

Kemetian Kache
Eons ago in the Trionous Galaxy a Dark Skinned humanoid race known as the Kimetian Kache & the Nubian Kache one day came to Earth and helped aide a race similar to their own what was once known as Kimet & Nubia. It was the Triounous Galaxy that gave these Black Africans the knowledge of science as well as mathematics and astrology. During the following: Thutmose III reigned as one of Kemet’s most powerful rulers ever; guiding Kemet to its highest level of excellence since its creation. Thutmose III ascended to the throne in an untraditional fashion. Prior to ruling Kemet he was a devout priest in the temple of Amen. On a feast day, however, the priest paraded with a symbol of the god around the northern colonnade of the Karnak Temple. When it stopped at Thutmose III, it symbolize his right to the throne. As the son of Thotmosis II and Aset, he his royal lineage returned to the thrown upon the death of the great Queen Hatshepsut. He then lead an army in a fierce battle to regain possession of Palestine, and after 20 years reestablished Kemetian ownership of Palestine and Syria. He was also victorious over Mitanni and established a provincial capital in the fourth cataract of Nubia. Under his leadership, the Kemetian army fought a battle in a land known as Megiddo. The battle destroyed the area so severely that the people said that it was what the end of the world would look like. From this, the term Armageddon is derived. The Kemet Kache told of the tale of the Roughens that one day the Earth & the Trionous Galaxy would unite to fight a Great War known as Armageddon.


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